Ellentriek #12 Ellentriek goes High Voltage – HI VOLTAGE !

Ellentriek is a series of workshops where artists can come and work together on their own artistic electronics projects. We work with themes. This Ellentriek has two threads happening simultaneously. You choose which thread you want to follow.

Thread one: Normally Ellentriek stays under 20 Volt – direct current. For once we will explore the dangerous zones of High Voltage. Under the watchful eye of our expert we will look at Kirlian Photography, Van de Graaff generators, anti-gravity lifters… So be sure to wear rubber boots and gloves for this edition, because everything we do will be mighty dangerous.

Thread two: You can come and work on your own artistic projects with basic electronics and a little bit beyond. We have all kinds of tools for electronics, a nice collection of sensors, Arduino’s and collective brainpower.


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