Public Library event, Zagreb

"The Public Library cares for and preserves collective memory of all challenges and struggles with artificially induced scarcities, forbidden knowledge and exclusive territories. The activation of the public library’s memory holds the key to its survival, but also to something much more important: it holds the key to the struggle for joint management of joint resources."

June 2015

With: Dušan Barok (Monoskop); Anthony Davies & Rosemary Grennan (MayDay Rooms); Kenneth Goldsmith; Sebastian Lütgert & Jan Gerber (Open Media Library); Alberto Manguel; Marcell Mars & Tomislav Medak (Multimedia Institute); María G. Perulero & Celia Gradín (Platoniq); Noa Treister (The Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees); Dubravka Sekulić; Femke Snelting (Mondothèque); Što, kako i za koga / WHW.

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